Saturday, May 31, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Dan: Hey dear, I use nivea Visage whitening foam.
Red wine essence, Bio-oil. (:
And for the makeup base, I'm using Skin Laminate
makeup base which doubles as a moisturiser!

Heheh, have two more makeup base,
one from Laneign, another from ettusais.
And i actually breakout when i use the laneign one,
So nowadays i only use it for outdoor photoshoots
for my body for cos it has SPF 40! (:
The Ettusais one, no complains!

ABC: Hahahas, i almost nvr ever get pimples.
But i'll have blemishes when i'm nearing my period every month.

Shinning: Heya babe, Hmmm. Since quite afew of you
have been asking me how to do my eye makeup for quite awhile,
Will try to do one up next week ok! :D

Sharontoh: Hey babe, Yeah have to register.
Or else can't ordeeeeeeer. (:
oh yah, add me on
Lol, so paiseh, my primary sch kiddy email!

Joy: Hey babe, email me at

Lena: Hey babe, i've nvr ordered from jpmon before.
Only spreed from payeasy website. (:

Esther: LOL! Are you serious?!
She deserve it loh, crazy girl~

Passerby: Ooooh, He's my boyf's dog, Magic!
He had a slip disc and some problem with his leg.
So poor thing, already went through 2 operation already.
And yah, he went to Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital.
Yah, super cute, and very guai. :D


Min: Hahahahs, no problem.
Just a very brief tutorial~
Next week might be doing a full eyemakup one.
Siewyin: Awwww, how come don't put tagboard!
Hahahas. yah lah, His chinese sucks like heeeeeell.

Jasmine:, my dear. (:

Sarah: Hahahas, how come you think that way?!
And thanks for envying me,
but nothing to get envy about, my dear girl!


Nic: Oh yeah, Public blog or whatever.
But i did warn y'all at the top of my post:

So please shut up already. (:

Serene: Hahahas, Seriously.
I can't tell you if it's any good for me,
Cos i've been terribly inconsistent in taking the Hakubi C.
Sorry about that!

YY: Endless cash! How i wish! :x
Hahahas, Erm, actually i fund my own shopping,
i do photoshoots from time to time, So yah.. hahahahs

My allowance is like $80/week.
but seriously, It only covers my cab fares, food.
After cab fare & food, there's nth for me to shop already?!

Anon9352: Hahahas, Whoa,
how you know that's my favourite thai restaurant?
eh, I don't rmb the name leh, But it's at the 4th level?
Must go and try the cream chicken!

Siewyin: Omg yah lah, See that time she will BEG
people for donation and rescue workers or not.
Like, Super unfeeling towards the affected people in sichuan.

Reply tag until i'm going GAGA!

Anyway, Everybody heeeeere.
I watch my Ugly betty, Gossip Girl, Tila Tequila, Chuck
Whatever Whatever, at SIDEREEL.COM

Please stop asking me the same question and
expect me to reply 7645357 thousand times.

Argh, I had a whole lot of crap to blog about,
But now after i finish replying tags, upload pictures
I forgot what the hell i wanted to say!
Goodness! And blogger is so fucked up.
Can't upload pictures, and i tried like 5 times,
And i tried uploading one by one.

Also cannot! then i had to use
Thus the big ass pictures!

Yesterday we were thinking of swimming in the afternoon,
at yishun's swimming complex
cos i didn't wanna get in the sun,
and boyf said that it's a indoor swimming pool.
Really meh? :x

Then we decided to go to the hougang one instead
cos i was kinda scared that the toilet
at yishun complex is very creepy.

Like afew years back, 2-3years back?
Went to YCK swimming complex with boyf,
The toilet is so fucking creepy i finish bathing
in less than 2 mins and ran out of the toilet!
Tmd! The light still dim dim, flicker flicker that kinda one loh!

But in the end never go also! Cos it suddenly rained.

So we went to Liang Court for Japanese fooooood!
Hahahahs, i bet y'all must be so sick of me saying
"Liang court liang court liang court!"

We took a cab there cos boyf's car was still at the workshop
he was like so happy,
cos so long nvr take public transport already,
then he said, ooooh, can hug hug! Hahahahs

I love my haaaaair,
Tsk, Shall go and learn how to use my curl tongs properly!
It has been sitting around, collecting dust.

You know why he's so sad?
Cos he can't eat his shrimp rice bowl-ish thingy.

So gay loh, He's still upset about the shrimp thingy! :x

When he saw this picture,
He was like:
" Darling, You see, I'm soooo pretty!
Prettier than you, pretty boy!"

Yes, my pretty boyfriend.

hahahas, so cute right, Gayish cuuuuute.

Then we went to MeiDi-ya Japanese supermarket!
Bought my apple juice freeze stick, Apple Vinegar drink.
Boyf says i'm mad to drink that stuff,
He says i'm the 爱吃醋的女孩!

Then we went to Central Mall to shop around,
Boyf is damn sua ku loh, He nvr go central mall BEFORE.

But, nth to buy anyway. -.-
And there's this japanese lingerie shop there!
and the price there is pretty steep as compared to online, duh!
the thongs are soooo pretty too!

Then we went home, watched Top Gear with boyf,
That episode was really interesting!
there were trying to build a Rocket with a car.
But i fell asleep on boyf's lap for like 30 mins of the show,
I was so tireeeeed!

And i woke up just in time to watch them test the "car rocket"
Super funny can.

因为boyf下个礼拜要去台湾,星光大道, PK赛,

"不要哭了,我去那里一定会买你爱死的cosmetics的, OK?
我会带laptop,可以用msn webcam video讲话, ok?

Thursday night!

Boyf brought me to Spizza for dinner.
Always love their Franca!

Then we went to his place and..
Eh, i think we watched tv?
Goodness, my life is terribly dull.

I've been watching Dexter for the past few days!

It's about this guy, Dexter.
A homocide department, blood analysist guy.

And he has the urge to murder people, slice them up constantly.
Hahahas, Some of the scene is reeeeally god damn gross lah.
But.. interesting.

I surprised boyf with a lemon cheesecake today
when he came by to pass me my guinea pig's food.
And he looked reeeeally surprised and happy. :D

And he was like telling me:
"i'm the most fortunate man in the world!"

Some loving:

I just ordered this Monistat Chafing relief powder-gel.
it's actually for chafing, but they had all these
great reviews on it as a makeup primer.
And it's freaking cheap, A tube for 6.99USD?
So.. no harm trying yeah? :D

GNC Vit E! GNC is like dirt cheap at!
Good for skin~ Don't have a habit of eating Vitamins everyday,
But bought it anyway! I wanna have better skin! loving:

I bought the pink one, Super cute loh!
Can use it when i stayovernight for my skincare, blah blah!

Super cute strawberry boyshorts!

Anyway, I bought this double eyelid sticker last week:

I already have double eyelids,
But i wanna try pushing my double eyelids higher!
But anyway, i realise i'm too lazy to do that.

So cool right! Not like the conventional double eyelid tape.
So now i only use it when i wake up with like,
you know, sometimes you wake up with 2-3 double eyelid lines?

It happens to me when like if i have not enough sleep,
or i cried the previous night.

And this is a really good eyelid tape to
make your double eyelid go back to normal!
Normally i wake up, look in the mirror.
If i've more than one line, then i'll paste the tape
then go and bath and wash my face yadda yadda.

And it's so strong even i wash my face
and rub my eyes also nvr drop out!
Then after my bath, before i do my makeup
i'll remove the tape and my normal double eyelid is baaaaack!

So i reckon this is a reaaaally good product
for girls who have single eyelids!
I think those eyelid glue are very scary loh!


让它slip disc operation的伤口先康复才把它带回家。


Magic。。 要快点好起来哦

Have two paid shoot next weeeeek.
$$ Shooooopping time~

Back to watching Dexter!
Oyasumi Nasai, Loves!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watch it!
Oh my goooodness! Her mouth totally stinks can.
Def gonna get arrested for saying those stuff one loh.
Siao one!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Sharontoh: Lol, yeah! that's so freaking near!

Nic: Did you forget that this is my blog?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
A blog is a website,
usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary,
descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.
Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject;
others function as more personal online diaries.
Blogs often become more than a way to just communicate;
they become a way to reflect on life.

Sorry my dear, but i write what i want. Ta!

Varron: Lol, yeah it was great bumping into an old friend!
Hahahas, i was so shocked. No leh, the weather
was so hot i was about to curl up and die there,
hahahs didnt even buy anything for myself! :x

Nadia, My partner: Hello partner!
Back to school back to school! :D

ABC: Hahahas, i didnt even use any special
products for blemishes or anything, nvr even use mask recently.
It just went away after my period is over.

Sshan: Hahahas, look at my blog post below!

Jojo: Hello preeeetty, updated loooh. :D

My auntie: Omg, ya hor!
I GOT AN AUNTIE THAT IS 8 years old! @#$%^&
Fuck that! Hahahahahs

Nana: Yeah! I want season 2 to come out faaaaaster!

Passerby: Hahahs, i used to have bad complexion
when i was in Sec 3. For now it's just the monthly period
breakout thing that's why i got so much blemishes,
But actually i didnt even do anything to get rid of it. :x
It just went away itself. Sorry, can't be of much help to you!

Siewyin: Lol, no kantang!
Although i love to eat kantang :x
Hahahas, your blog url so cute.
No tagboard?
Lol. *pouts*

Sher: Hahahahs, got so jialat or not?!
Simple chinese leh!

Minmin: hmm, hahahs you see the video you got try?
anyway, i did a very brief description of how to paste falsies below!

Yo: -.-" What am i suppose to reply to that?

I've been watching a hell lot of shows!
Since i've nothing to do but rot anyway.

Here are three of my favourite picks:

oEveryone's favourite, Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty.

My new favourite, Chuck!
I finished watching the entire season of 13 episode in one day!
I want season two asap, like noooooow! *Whines & pouts.*

Have been watching some reality tv too:

Keeping up with the Kardasians
I think it's absolute trash. They're like so pretentious.
There's this episode where they
went to pick this homeless guy,
And did all sorts of nice-y things that's so fake can.

Kimora: Life in the fab lane.
One of my favourite reality show!
CEO of Baby Phat, Kimora is all about fabulousity!
And her daughters, Ming and Aoki are damn cute lah.

A shot at love with Tila Tequila, season 1 & 2.
Similar to TV show, The Bachelor.
Tila Tequila is Bi, 15 lesbian & 15 straight guys come together
to live in Tila's house and compete for
her attention and affection.
Hahahas, kinda funny, the stupid things they do luh.

I just ordered a white top, 2 sets of La Senza lingerie,
And some serums and creams. :x

Hey Shan, this is the falsies i'm using now.
Most often the type of lashes in the 1st box,
Can get it from Bugis Level 2. (:
(Click to enlarge!)

Finally got to meet Shirley, Felicia & Yuanqing last friday.

ROAAAARS! I'm a.. ROARING GHOST鬼?, too friendly to be roaring.

I DUNNO! *Screams!*

We were at mac and crap and crap for the whole night.
Haven't seen yq in like a thousand years.
Shir & Fel was like smoking smoking smoking smoking.

TMD! The weird peh peh sitting beside our table,
Dunno what kinda crap cigs is he smoking,
Damn fucking smelling, !@#$%^&.
Extremely annoying.

Lala, anyway, We didnt wanna go home.
And i didnt wanna go home and have nth to do but rot again,
So Shir & i kept bugging felicia to come to my house to
stayover for the night & we can chit-chat till mooooorning!

But in the end felicia can't, cos it was too last min. Sigh!

Back to school yesterday!
I missed my frieeeeends. :D
Hmm, but my lecturer for my module
this term is extremely dull.
Mr See, our previously, LKK lecturer.
Is like 10000000x more funny than this new one!

My head my like totally spinning for the one & a half hour
while he continued yakking and yakking and yakking.
With that same no-joke, boring tone.

I'm about to die.
then Alison suggested that we go to Ikea
for brunch during breaktime
( and not coming back after break! :x )
And there we go! Alison, Priscilla & me.

But anyway, i think when i'm revising my notes
this morning cos i didnt wanna lag back
from skipping the last half of class,
I realise i understand better when i'm reading my notes
by myself without him there yakking on and on.

I only had like 5 hours of sleep, i need my full 10 hours!
I look so shagged like hell!

Boyf came to pick me up at Ikea Alexander.
Face is like super black, Charcoal black.
Jet black, dunno how to describe black!
Argh. @#$%^

But anyway, after awhile alright already,
then we went to fix his stupid car thing
Boring as hell!
And i was in a extremely bad mood,
the weather is so so so freaking hot!

Anyway, i don't know if i remembered to blog about Magic
having a slip disc and had to undergo and major op,
and he might get paralyzed and stuff.

but anyway, he's fine and heeeealthy now!
Had to stay at the animal hospital for 10 days to recover from the op.
But he's really lucky and he's not hurting anymore!

And we went to pick him up yesterday:





Anyway, boyf 的华文真的超兰!

Just packed my makeup stuff!
So so so so so freaking messy lah!

Boyf bought me a rose on saturday. :D
My Serums, Vit C, Moisturizer, eyegel.
Foundation, sponges, eyebrow shaping tools
(I shape my own brows!)
Lots of eyeliner gel, some of my brushes, Mac pigments,
Benetint, Eyelash adhesives, Makeupbase.. yadda yadda.

Eyeshadows, Mac Pigments, Lots of Mascaras, Charcott powder.

Whoops forgot to take my foundations, lipstick/glosses.
I've got lots of glosses. I chucked out like 8 lipglosses
last night while packing.

Sorted out my Knickers!
It was so freaking hell messy loh, stuff here stuff there!

Anyway, An extremely brief description
on how to apply falsies.
It's extremely easy as long as you've got a good glue.
I'll recommend Ardell's Lash Grip Eyelash Adhesive.
you can grab it from any Sasa store,
but don't buy the wrong one!

Buy the one in the squeezy tube,
not the tiny glass bottle one.
the tiny glass bottle one smells like superglue &
i don't even know if it's safe to use on the eyes or not!
the smell stings so badly my eyes kept
getting teary the 1st time i used it.
Then i chuck it into the bin after that time anyway.

1st. Do your eye makeup 1st, Eyeliner (very important)
Eyeshadow, or whatever you do to your eyes normally.

2nd. Pick your favourite falsies,

Don't buy too natural ones!
hahahas, those too natural ones,use already like as if nvr use,
then might as well don't put falsies!
Anyway, i'm kidding, choose whatever you like!

Ardell has those really natural looking but
thick enough for me. Go check them out.

3rd. Apply your glue on the lash bone,
And wait for arnd 15 seconds.
The glue becomes stickier after you leave it on for 15seconds.
the stickier it is, the easier to apply.

(i'm extremely impatient & i hate waiting,
So i always blow at the glue area to speed things up!)

4th. Gently lay falsies on your eyelids,
as near as the lash line as possible.
(so it looks natural.)

that's where the eyeliner is very important,
Must must must have eyeliner okay.

5th. And TADAAAA!!! *trumpet playing in the background*
Nicely made up eyelashes.
Okay, I'm done. Easy enough yeah?

OMG! Boyf just called & told me
he park his car in the camp carpark,

And a SAF tonner, (A tonner is a superheavy vehicle)

...but i think SAF is paying for the crash damage?
@#$%^ my poor pillow! Stupid shit!

Ohhhh, meeting Jessica tomorrow,
she's a model i got to know through Esther (another model)!
Must take loooots of pictures.
Eye candy for you guys eh. LOL! :D

PS: Be nice, Click on the nuffnang ad on the left please! :D

i'm off to watch Dexter!
Sayonara, Loves!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello everyboooody!

So busy luh, finally, school's resumes tmr!
i'm sooooo glad, i'm totally rotten already.

Need to wake up at 7am, so i'm gonna go sleep already.
Blog tomorrow! :D

Loves, fidelis.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Zhuen: Okay! (:

Bao: Hahahas, Yah lah. Gosh, Fatimah, such a bitch.
Dominique's the worst loh, that girl,
really make me wanna slap her face! @#$%^
But i like lauren most, actually.
She's so funny! Esp that esp when she made fun of
dominique when she's was raving mad at Claire.

Sharontoh: Hmm, the fake eyelashes i think
20 bucks for a box of ten pairs?
The taiwan mag was around 8bucks,
ordered from

Hahahas, where do you stay! :D
Maybe we can meet up and bug each other
about cosmetics stuff! Hahahahs!

(:: Not hard to handle, just the cleaning part.
Have to be very responsible loh. (:
They are so adorable, who would whine
about abit of cleaning after looking at them! :D

Mandy: Yah lah! @#$%^&*
Enya is like really sweet, gosh, can't stand the bitchy-ness.
Whitney wining is like really.. hmmm..
And i'm still irritated the fact that they kicked
kat out instead of dominique! @#$%^

Sher: Yes, the sqeaky sound is from them!
So cuuuuuute hor? :D

Cheryl: Hey babe, Got it at $640.
There's some pictures at my post a few months ago! (:

My auntie: so we have weird genes eh? o.0"
Lol, 18 year old auntie!
And they've yet to hear about carine being my auntie as well?!
How frigging old is she? Omg.

Min: hey babe, you can refer to xiaxue's video! :D
As long as you use a good glue,
everything would be easy peasy!

Wyelin: (:

Passerbygirl: (:

I'm sooooo happy, i know what i'm asking boyf
to bring back for me from Taiwan when he goes for PK!


I was like: " Darling.. must buy things back for me okay,
But don't buy clothes, cos your taste suck!

Boyf: "Lol, buy auntie clothes back for you,
you write a list for me on what you want to get loh."

AWWWWWWW! I love love yoooooooooou!
there's sth i really really really am dying to get.
Yums. *Grinning like a silly bitch*

Must watch! :D


I've been such a bitch lately!
And the weather gets all the blame, fuck the heeeeeat! @#$%^
热,到我想要死掉了. Get It?

I get pissed off over everything,
The heat is making me laze around like a pig.
My room is my pig sty. PIG STY.
猪猪 LOL.
Okay, the heat is getting into my head,
Making me groogy and nutty and talking rubbish.
I'm not making sense.



I'm so glad that my skin is finally clearing up!
It's like super fucked,

i've been waking up looking spotty & shitty everyday.
And the worst thing is they aren't even pimples,
At least if their pimples, squeeze it,
slap on a acne patch, dry it and get over it.

But i always get all these god damn blemishes!
Blemish blemish blemish!

Okay, I'm giving too much details right?
Hahahahas, the last thing i hope you all to imagine
is my face full of bursting pus.
Omg, here i go again.


Boyf came over to my place for dinner with my parents last night,
And we watched Dr. Dolittle 2. LOL, So funny.
And then we watched, "The Arena."

It's a craaaaazy singapore debating show.
Omg, Scary can. Nerds are freaky.
There's this chinese nerdy girl who babbled on & on like a train?
She just annoys me so much.

Went out with Felicia today afternoon,
went to shop at bugis, bump into some annoying bugger
and i dragged felicia away when we're in a
distance where she could see us. :x

I hate people bugging me.
And the sun is so fucking hot, it isn't even funny!
I think i should just get mouldy at home,
every few hot months of the year.

It gets me so pissed off i almost wanted to kill felicia
when she suggested slacking outside Starbucks
so she can smoke! NO WAY!

So we decided on NYDC,
Had some cakes and apple crumbles/icecream. Drools.
And we have some cute guest at the table right beside us!
Miss Elmo & Mr Cookie monster!


One picture from the couple shoot.
Photographer's so busy he only had time to
edit one picture on his flight to taiwan?!

I wanna see the rest of the pictureeeees. (:


因为我要 继续取笑华文超差劲的



Told you the heat is getting into my heat & making me nutty!

I think from this post onwards,
nobody will think that i'm kantang anymore right!
Siewyin, I'm very chinese! LOL! *nods head*

Okay, in case my nutty-ness is boring you.
We shall let Mr. big nostrils entertain you!
(Click to enlarge!)


Gossip girl episode 18 is out,
i'm off to watch it now!
Remember to click my nuffnang ad on the left! :D

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Passerby: Hey babe, got it from Bugis street 2nd level! (:

Lyn: Hahahas, thanks babe!
I'm soooo bored at home, can't wait to go back
to school and hangout with you girls! :D

Steph: Haahahhas, yes!
In such a pretty shade of pink somemore right!
Me tooooo, always need more cash! :D

Passerby: Hehehe thank you!
they are sooooo adorable! :x

Jasmine: Lol, i know okay!
Shopping shopping! Are you like studying or sth?

Wolverine: Hahahas, thank you!
Are you a guy or a girl? Female version of "wolverine?"
Hahahahas wth.

Sher: -.- what's so unexpected about being 18 dear?

Ahbao: You got tag meh! How come i never see it?
Lol! :x

Sabrina: Hey babe, the eyelash glue from Ardell.
You can get it from Sasa and selected Watsons! (:

do you have a blooooooog?

Finally got thru all my tags! :D
I've got a new ad from nuffnang, look on the leeeeft!
And click! Hahahahahs.

I just finish watching Cycle 10 of American Next Top Model.
I'm actually a wee-bit disappointed by the results.
The winner is Whitney, the 1st plus sized model that has ever won ANTM
but seriously, Whitney?!

I was like totally annoyed when the panel got rid of Katarzyna,
it's like tooootally unjust!
Panel said she had no personality, blah blah.

I thought she was like really gorgeous and on top of that,
i don't see all the kinda bitchy attitude i see from Fatimah& Whitney.
Goodness, Thank god Fatimah didn't win,
Can't stand that craaaaazy @#$%^&.

I was super happy when Dominique got kicked out.
Gosh, she's one crazy bitch.

Winner of ANTM Cycle 10: Whitney

And i absolutely love Enya!
I seriously thought Enya would win.

Fatimah, Yes i don't like her
So she's the last! @#$%^

Hate it when she like acting like a crazy bitch in the
apartment infront of other models,
and at panel she'll be acting as meeeeek as a mouse.

Bitch! Blah.

Okay, back to reality!

I totally hate holidays,
I'll be too lazy to go out,
Sitting on my comfy armchair, Watching my Ugly betty,
Stuffing myself with tidbits and homemake cookies. (Yums!)

Holidays make me feel terrible fat.
I hate holidays, i wanna go back to school!

Received my NRWZD loots, Shimmmmery eyeliner & magazine.

Mummy's friend went to Japan and bought us yuuuums.
Apple biscuit! Yummy! :D

Yes i baked yesterday! I found a food blog,
Ommmmmg everything is, gorgeously insanely yummy looking.
I totally wanted to bake everything.
See for yourseeeeeelf! *runs to buy baking supplies*

Baked the easiest Chocolate Oatmeal cookies.
I love Oatmeal, so does my darling boyf! :D

Felicia and Shirley waited for me for like 2 hours?
for me to finish baking my coooookies.
They were slacking at the Mac afew blocks away from my place.
I miss shirley sooooo much! She is so totally crappy/funny.
That's why i looooove her.

And felicia's god-damn funny. Lol.
Brought a box of cookies for each of them! :D

Anyway, I was really really really pissed with boyf today.
He made me extremely annoyed.
So i wore a black satin top, Black pants.
And gave him my killer looks when he came to pick me up.

So no pictures, unless you wanna see my black face.
Which is, really really scary.

anyway, after all my screaming and at least
45mins of black face for dearest boyf,
We headed for Liang Court for some japanese food loveeees.
And tidbits. Of course. :D

Boyf bought me my favourite Apple Vinegar
(His face goes totally sour when i force him
to drink it the last time. But, i love vinegar. So, whateveeeer!)
Apple freeze sticks, Caaaandies.

Heheh. A video of my Peanut & Nutella
when i let them out for some floor timing loving! :D
Before i let the girls out!
So no Butter, Mimao, Meeko.

I'm going back to Ugly Betty!
Remember to click on the nuffnang ad
before you click the little red X button! :D

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! :D